What we provide are product customization and technological innovation based on our professional technical series and your needs are the goal of our innovation.
1.OTC hearing aid.
The core technology of Easonic-the noise reduction technology of hearing aids and hearing devices, has changed the existing industry technical specifications. It is no longer a painful thing for people to wearing hearing aids. The main function of the hearing aids is to provide the help of clear language communication for the people with hearing impairment. The application of this technology on hearing aids, whose equivalent input noise is less than 5dBSLP, realizes the reproduction of real environment sounds, and achieves the technical requirements of the OTC hearing aids. People's use of hearing aids is as simple as headphones of listening to music.
2. Biological Information Technology: This is an auxiliary hearing technology based on the transmission of biological information.
We find that we can modulate electrical signals such as language and music into biological information, and transmit them to the human brain nervous system through human skin and make people hear voices. We are striving to make this information transformation process accelerate, and benefit mankind at an early date.
3. long-distance and low-noise ultrasonic detection technology laboratory.
It is used in underwater, solid and air to realize long-distance communication and control. The product has a wide application area..
4. low-noise audio acquisition head end system.
Audio acquisition head end equipment with low distortion and large dynamic is applied to various occasions where the equipment should have high demand for audio acquisition information. Large dynamic range, low distortion and low noise guarantee the authenticity of the acquisition information.
5. visible light, laser, infrared conduction data, audio transmission system.
It is the best choice for short-distance communication and has no electromagnetic pollution, which greatly reduces the electromagnetic radiation to the human body during communication.
6. low-noise, underwater and long-distance language, detection, data and transmission technology based on audio frequency.
It is used for underwater communication such as diving helmet, underwater vehicle and so on. Based on low-noise processing technology, the communication distance of underwater acoustic communication is 1-2 times higher than that of the conventional one.