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Noise reduction technology of EASONIC hearing aid - The second hearing impairment of the hearing aids can be reduced to ignore.

25dB's environmental noise suppression, outstanding phonological representation, extremely low sound distortion, and clear sound layer after amplification construct sound amplification system of hearing aids of EASONIC. The power density of the sound sent into the ear canals is greatly reduced, which greatly reduces the second damage to the human ear canals.
FDA releases: "In the global population, there is 10% of the population who needs hearing help."
The average life span of human beings is lengthening, and the number of aging population in the world is increasing, and what is accompanying is the increase of people who need hearing help. FDA has already announced that hearing loss is plaguing about 30 million Americans and has an important effect on communication, social participation, and overall health and quality of life. But only about 1/5 of them can benefit from the hearing aids.